Brush rabbit's fur and grooming the rabbit

Ways To Groom A Rabbit

Grooming is a significant part of your rabbit’s care regime and should include fur, teeth, nails, eyes and bottom care. Rabbits know how to keep themselves clean but they will still need a little help from their pet parents.

Rabbit eating mangoes

Summer Treat: Can Rabbits Safely Eat Mangoes?

Rabbits can eat any type of mango. But, it is not recommended to feed mango to overweight rabbits as it is high in sugar and makes it easier for diseases to creep in quickly.


Bunny Names: 100+ Best Rabbit Names

Choosing a name for your rabbit is a fun activity, especially when done with family. Our recommendation would be to do your research, keep the good options you like in your head, and wait for the right time when it clicks to name them.

Rabbit eating potato

Can Your Pet Rabbit Enjoy Potatoes Safely?

Yes, rabbits can eat potatoes. It should be fed in moderation since potatoes contain high levels of carbohydrates. A small amount of potato, such as a slice or two, is ideal as an occasional treat.