Fun Ways To Celebrate International Rabbit Day – 24th September 2023

International Rabbit Day

Every important person on this earth has a special day on their name. Then why shouldn’t rabbits have it too? Some would say they are very very important to them. International Rabbit Day is recognized on the 4th Saturday of September every year, thus this year we will be celebrating it on 24th September. Although we all would love to celebrate our dear bunnies every day, but this day is especially spent in bringing awareness and promoting care and protection of wild as well as domestic rabbits. This day was incepted by The Rabbit Charity in the U.K. in 1998. The goal of this initiative was to make sure that rabbits are protected, cared and had permanent homes or shelters during their lifetime. And many of us has made that happen and continue to work for that.

Organizations do their work round the clock in making sure our favorite animal is taken care of and looked after. We, at some level, do it too by adopting stray rabbits and giving them home. Although, how much is giving them food and home is enough? Even our birthdays are turned into a special occasion, treating and pampering ourselves, then why shouldn’t we make this one day super special for them too. If nothing else, at least, we would be showing our love and respect by making this day a treat for them.

Here’s some amazing ideas to give you inspiration and it won’t take much out of your pocket too:

Train Your Rabbit with Games

Source: Bastien Plu on Unsplash

Here’s what we have found for you. Some of the most fun-filled activities explained by an expert and a rabbit lover, and even we think that the rabbits would love to engage in.

Reverse Fetch

Drop a toy in front of them and they’ll toss it away as a fun activity. They love to pick up the chewy toys like bottle caps, willow balls, toilet paper, cloth balls, etc. with their teeth and toss them as far away as they can. This game is called Reverse Fetch because you fetch the toy so that your bunny can toss it again.

It’s a fun and interactive game you can play with them, and this one also has an added advantage of putting them to exercising and physical activity. Keep playing with them until they get bored and want to move on to something else.

What you would need:


Bunnies love chewing on toys and tugging it if someone tries to pulling it away from them. Chewy toys and even ropes can be used for this game. As they chew on one end of it, you can pull the other end and use that to play tug-o-war with them.

This is one of the effective games that gives you a way to interact with your rabbit while also giving them a chance to have some fun. And you might as well play this game with their favorite food i.e. carrots. Here’s a beautiful reference for you:

Source: Rabbit Hay Japan

You can also create a chew toy for this game at home using cardboard tubes or paper towels. To make this game a safe one, please do remember to pull gently enough to give just a little resistance to your bunny’s tugs. Don’t jerk it too hard, it may injure their neck, jaw or spine.

What you would need:

Blanket Escape

All pet rabbits love blankets and pillows in the home. They like to roll around in blankets as a fun trap and escape game. Throw a blanket on top of the rabbit and they’ll figure out how to escape from it. It’s like burrowing activity for them as they dig there way out of it.

Just avoid old, threadbare blankets with holes as paws can be trapped. Blankets help to keep them warm and give them the feel of protection. Oh, and remember, they are territorial. The day they claim the blanket, it belongs to your pet now.

What you would need:

Hidden Treats

Using your hands, you can hide a treat in one of them as you close your fists and make them pick one. When they find treat in one of them, they’ll be super excited and will continue guessing in search of more treats. Such treats should be given in very short quantity as to not disturb their diet too much. Lot of fruits or vegetables are not safe for their stomachs.

This intellectual game also encourage them to exercise their sniffing skill and stimulate their olfactory sense. You can also hide treats inside containers or boxes and let your bunny find them! This is a next step game where they take their time to find the hidden items in a small room than choosing the correct fist.  

What you would need:

Additionally, training games like hopping over hurdles will also help them have some playtime as well as give opportunities to bond with them at a higher level.

Source: The Bunny Lady

A quick look at what you should ask the pet expert:

Groom Your Rabbits

Source: Unsplash

Brush and trim their fur, remove debris caught in their fur, remove mats and cut and clean their nails. Grooming your rabbit also includes cleaning areas around their eyes, ears and the bottom side of your rabbit. You can also clean their scent gland areas, usually the one near their anus needs cleaning as they tend to have unpleasant order and can become hard and uncomfortable for your rabbits. You can remove ear wax from the outer ear with a cotton swab.

Your vet may also recommend some wax-removal products for your bunny. If they are carrying fleas, ticks or mites, they should be checked for ear mite or tick infection, get in touch with your veterinarian for medication.

What you would need:

A well-groomed rabbit is a happier, healthier bunny. Here’s a grooming tip for you to begin:

Source: Groomers Archive

A quick look at what you should ask the pet expert:

Treat Your Rabbits

Source: Unsplash

The best treats for your bunnies are fresh or dried fruits and vegetables, and a bit of sugar in the mix. Treat your rabbits with natural sweet treats instead of chocolates or milk-based delicacies. Fruits and sweet vegetables are the only safest options for their health and delicate stomach instead of sugar-made foods. Some of the dishes that they’ll love to munch on and be healthy at the same time are:

Raisin Swirls: Made up of pellets, banana, hay dust, raisins

Blueberry Biscuits: Made up of pellet, oatmeal, blueberries, dried mint

Carrot Balls: Made up of pellet, carrots, raspberries

Banana Bicky: Made up of pellet, oatmeal, banana, carrot

Apple Nuggets: Made up of pellet, apples, lettuce, banana, oatmeal

Here’s some healthy treat options available on Amazon

There are various ways to make pellet-based or hay-based treats which are flavored with fruits and vegetables and thus making it a healthy treat for them. One such recipe and its way of making it for reference:

Source: StormyRabbits

Have A Picnic In Your Yard

Source: Freepik

Pick a beautiful spot in your backyard or a nearby park where it is quiet and cozy but has a nice view. Bring your bunny’s favorite food, a mix of healthy dishes and sweet treats. Get their toys along to the picnic for them to have a great time playing under the sun. And when they tire from exhaustion, they would love a relaxing massage from you as they take a much needed nap. A massage is a great way to share your affection and help them relieve any stress or tension their body must be feeling.

Also, you can give your bunny a good belly rub. Just as dogs love it, most of the rabbits like it too. Don’t rub their bellies after their meal though, this exercise is best done before they are fed. And lastly, and not something to be missed, do the photo shoot. It’s the best climate with an amazing backdrop and the most handsome rabbit to model for you. It deserves a spot on your photo wall!

Here’s a cute picnic fun some of our rabbit friends are indulging in!

Source: Tom Anthony

Bottom Line

Rabbits are very intelligent and love to explore and play with different toys. Adding new toys in their home is a great way to celebrate this special day and witness their happiness as they run and jump and play around with their them. And with these many easy play options mentioned above, there’s sure to be something perfect for your beloved pet! And whatever you plan to execute, your bunny will love the effort and time spent together. And you’ll have a blast playing and bonding with your furry friend in the process!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can rabbits eat cake?
    Yes, they can eat cake but not the kind that humans eat. Their cake can be made of berries and oatmeal. You can also use vanilla frosting to bring additional favor to their treat. Although, cake should be fed in a very small quantity as not to upset their digestive system.
  2. Can rabbits play with paper?
    Unless they are tear-resistant paper, they should not be anywhere near them. They tend to chew the paper and swallow them leading to their stomach getting upset.
  3. Are rabbits good pets?
    Rabbits are social animals and they love making human friends. They demand for love and affection and can be very domesticated stay-at-home creatures.

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