Grandpa’s Best Alfalfa Hay Review (2024)

The Grandpa's Best Alfalfa Hay


Our Verdict

With so many options of hay grass available for our pet rabbits, it can get confusing for pet parents to decide which ones are best to be given. Alfalfa Hay is basically a type of legume Hay or beanstalk, as opposed to Grass Hay. It is rich in protein, calcium, fiber and various other essential nutrients that our pet rabbits need for best health care. Since our pet bunnies can acquire need nutrients only for vegetarian foods, as they been herbivorous animals, Alfalfa hay is an excellent source to meet their needs. Some veterinarians have also tagged it as super food for rabbits compared to other types of hay. 

Alfalfa Hay is rich and packed with important nutrients that are beneficial for our pet rabbits. Also, Alfalfa hay is the perfect supplemental hay option for pregnant or nursing bunny rabbits. Alfalfa hay is usually soft in texture and sweet in taste with that oh-so-good smell that will entice rabbits to eat.

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Key Highlights

– All-natural and hand-selected

– Rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins

– Great source of fiber and easy to digest

– Sweet, fresh and palatable 

– Grown and perfected on family farms

Grandpa’s Best Alfalfa Hay At A Glance

Grandpa’s Best offers varieties of grass hay including Alfalfa Hay that would appeal to our pet rabbit’s appetite and taste. This hay is hand-picked and packaged straight from the bale to ensure the freshness and quality that your pet deserves. The growing and harvesting process are carried out in a controlled environment. It is packed with vitamins, calcium, minerals and also is known for its protein-rich quality. The grass is soft-stemmed and leafy with a sweet taste which makes it very much palatable for our rabbits. 

The protein and calcium received from Alfalfa hay will support your rabbit’s healthy growth. It also helps with weight gain in the right amount for the young ones and also beneficial for those nursing the young. Although, since Alfalfa hay is higher in protein and calcium than other grass hays, overfeeding can result in digestion issues and more. 

A quick look on which foods are safe for our rabbits:

Nutritional Value

Alfalfa Hay has a high nutritional value along with the sweet taste which makes it a perfect food option for your rabbits or other some pet animals like hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, etc. It is free of chemicals & any additives.

Crude Protein: 17% (min)

Crude Fat: 1.5% (min)

Crude Fiber: 32% (max)

Moisture: 15% (max)

Omega 3 Fatty Acids: 1.0% (min)

The Cost

Grandpa’s Best Alfalfa Hay is available for approximately $21.99 ($4.40 / lb) on its Grandpa’s Best Store on Amazon. A few useful details for consideration regarding the product:

Customer Reviews: 4.3

Customer ratings by feature: Value for money – 3.7 | Freshness – 3.5 | Flavor – 3.2

Best Sellers Rank: #179 in Small Animal Food

Product Dimensions: ‎ 6.69 x 4.33 x 12.6 inches; 1.01 Pounds

What Experts Say

Pet experts recommend to use Alfalfa hay as a supplement to grass hay diet or as an occasional treat for your pet rabbits. Best is to blend different varieties of grass hay and make our pet rabbit’s mealtime more appealing and enriching. The natural flavors and the sweet fragrance on the hay usually helps to encourage our bunny rabbits to eat healthily. This helps us to keep their body requirements in check without the constant push. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good options but should be given in moderate quantities. Majority of their meals should consist of fresh grass hay. In fact, 70% of your pet’s diet should be made up of fresh, natural hay and the remaining should be a mix of fruits, pellets and vegetables.

Other grass hay like Timothy, Orchard and Oat provides the needed fiber that is important to the digestive and dental health of the pet rabbits. Make sure to have their daily meals include these healthy fresh hays supplied by trusted sources.

Expert-recommended Store-bought Foods For Your Pet Rabbit

Note: These products are recommended by expert vets associated with Best Pet Advice based on the key ingredients disclosed by the sellers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– How is Alfalfa different from other grass hays?

Alfalfa hay has a sweet flavor and contains high amounts of protein and calcium than hay like Timothy, Oat and Orchard. It’s a great food option for nursing mothers and young week rabbits. But, generally, it should be given as occasional treats to your rabbits.

– Can pet parents eat Alfalfa?

Although alfalfa is mostly consumed by small animals like rabbits and big animals horses, it’s safe for humans too. People can eat it as a supplement or in the form of sprouted seeds to obtain the available nutrients.

– What are the benefits of Alfalfa?

Alfalfa has the ability to lower cholesterol levels, improve digestion, prevent cancer, detoxify the body, boost immunity, speed healing, protect heart health and reduce inflammation.

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