What Fruits And Vegetables Can Pet Rabbits Eat? Tomatoes, Celery And More

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It’s a very common fact that rabbits are herbivores by nature. They are plant-eaters who rely on fruits and vegetables for sustenance. But did you know which foods are safe for your pet rabbit to consume? Did you know what quantities are safe for your pet rabbit to consume in a day? Lucky for pet parents, there’s a long list of fruits and vegetables your rabbit can safely eat.

Although, it’s important to understand which foods your rabbits like eating and can safely eat without any health consequences. Even though foods that are tagged as safe for rabbits may not be best for your rabbit due to their body restrictions. So, before you introduce any new foods in their diet, make sure to moderately do it to see their body’s reaction to the new food.

One of Best Pet Advice’s heath expert, Dr. Tomas Sills adds, “Rabbits should eat right and not what they like to eat. Helping them set a diet plan that benefits their health and body is the duty of the pet owners. Just like human kids, kittens and adult rabbits will throw tantrums at you if their demands are not met, but you know what’s best for them, so stick to it.”

Wrong foods can cause minor to major concerns such as indigestion, stomach cramps, teeth decay, gastro stasis and more, and death in rare cases too. Thus, in addition to the safe foods to look for, there’s a list of not so safe foods that can turn out to be fatal for our pet rabbits. Those fruits, vegetables and food items are a no-go for our bunnies.

Taking into account recommendations from our vet experts, we have compiled a list of foods safe and unsafe for your rabbits to eat.

Leafy Green Vegetables Safe For Pet Rabbits

Note: Although, greens are good for our rabbit’s heath, their meals should include major portions of hay and pellets. Moreover, some green vegetables are more beneficial than others. e.g. Excessive consumption of broccoli can cause gas issues in your rabbit.

Explore Food Options For Rabbits

Fruits Safe For Pet Rabbits

Note: Fruits should always be given as an occasional treat due to their sugar levels. Some fruits like banana which are high in sugar should be given with utmost care and observation. Too much sugar is bad for your rabbits general health and the most dangerous for their sensitive teeth.

Unsafe Foods (Fruits, Vegetables & More) For Pet Rabbits

Note: Foods marked as not safe for consumption are usually not picked by your rabbit if those are lying around in the house. But, they can eat them by mistake and can lead of an array of health issues. So, keep these food items out of your rabbit’s reach.

Expert-recommended Store-Bought Foods For Your Pet Rabbit

Note: These products are recommended by expert vets associated with Best Pet Advice based on the key ingredients disclosed by the sellers. 

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