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Aren’t we all peculiar about what we eat and what we like to eat? Sometimes it’s the taste we do not like and other times it’s the food that’s bad for our health. Knowing the difference between the two and choosing the food accordingly is something we do for ourselves always. But, have we considered doing it for our pets too? They too have taste buds and they might not like some foods and other times the food might not be safe for their consumption. Learning which foods your pet can eat is crucial for their daily diet plans.

Most man-made foods are harmful to your rabbit!

As we all know, each species including human kinds have specific diets in order to stay healthy and lead a long life. Planning the diet and the quantity of the set meals throughout the day is paramount for your pets’ healthy life. Some foods are beneficial for species while others can be toxic for animals. It’s time that you learnt which foods are beneficial for your bunny and which are not. There are some food choices that can turn to be toxic for your rabbit to the extent that it may kill them. Let’s find out whether feeding them bread is a go or a no go.

Is Bread Safe To Feed To Rabbits

It’s a debatable topic if you consider referring to other sites that advise you on this query. Some may emphasize on pieces of bread are not harmful to your rabbit while some may state that its downright toxic for their health. In either case, pieces of bread are not the right food choice for your sweet bunny. Their digestive system is weak for this man-made food.

Unlike us, who can process and digest almost all foods, our bunnies cannot eat meat, sugar, starch, carbohydrates and cocoa. Bread is loaded with starch and complex carbohydrates which are not easy to digest. Your bunny will have a difficult time digesting bread, if fed. They may suffer from upset stomach, discomfort passing stool or diarrhea. If you decide to feed your bunny despite our warning, make sure it’s a treat given once in a while and fed in small portions. Monitor your pets’ reaction to the food and immediately cease feeding it if you observe a negative response.


Note: Any food that’s tasty and your rabbit will not say no to it. But as a pet parent it is our responsibility to not feed them anything that is not healthy for their body.

What Are The Risks Of Feeding Breads To Rabbits

Apart from an upset stomach, discomfort of excreting runny stool or diarrhea, your rabbit can fall severely sick that might need expert intervention. In some cases, diarrhea can result in the death of a rabbit, due mainly to extensive dehydration. If your rabbits’ stomach is sensitive, they might even throw up the food consumed and suffer from food poisoning. Those who are able to digest bread may show signs of obesity, high blood sugar and cholesterol.

In most cases, eating bread has been detrimental to your pet rabbit’s health. Too much sugar can also damage their teeth and spiral the teeth decay process. Missing on bread is not a bad choice as it doesn’t contain any minerals and nutrients that could help your rabbit’s growth and health. If, in rare cases, you cannot resist offering them this treat (their lovey-dovey eyes can do that to us all), feed them wheat bread or plain toasted bread as a safety measure. White bread is known to be very starchy and high in complex carbohydrates. But make sure you do not feed bread to the baby rabbits. Only adult rabbits can stomach the heavy food.

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Will Rabbits Enjoy Eating Bread When Fed To Them

Just as us, every rabbit has different taste buds. Some may like the taste and texture of the bread and some may not like it. Some rabbits enjoy the sweetness and softness of the bread when munching on it. When you feed bread to your rabbit for the first time, do it with small pieces to test their liking as well as their response to the new food. As a general rule, bread is not safe for their health, but when given as a treat, their health will not be affected. If there are any signs of discomfort or sickness, stop feeding them bread and move to some other treats like bananas or blueberries.

How Often Can You Give Bread To Your Rabbit

Our suggestion would be never. But, if you want to feed bread, only do it once a month in small portions. Keep baby rabbits away from this food. Their stomach isn’t developed enough to digest the food. When you give them bread in little quantities, it might barely leave any negative effect on your rabbit. With their limited digestive system, plants are the best food options for them.

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Poisonous Foods For Rabbits

Is Bread Beneficial For Rabbit’s Teeth Health?

Lot of pet parents are found feeding their rabbits bread and noticing no visible side-effects, but that’s a risk they are taking. Changing their dietary option is the best approach for them to keep their rabbit’s health intact. Instead of bread, our suggestion is to feed them fresh vegetables and fruits in addition to hay and pellets. Hay is highly recommended for their dental health and care as they help with grinding their ever-growing teeth and keeping them in right shape and length. Also, these foods help them stay fit without worrying about obesity.

Here’s a list of some of the safe foods rabbits should eat as a part of their daily diet:

Bottom Line

Make your rabbit’s day special by feeding them the sweet-tasting bread. But, do not add it as a food item to their daily meal plan. Bread is acceptable to be consumed once a month in small quantities if you do not want to play with your rabbit’s health needs. The high amounts of carbohydrates, sugar and starch can cause severe issues to your rabbit’s health. Bloating, indigestion and G.I. stasis are common illnesses caused by bread. Rabbits gain the much-needed nutrients and minerals from hay and grass which should be the major portion of their diet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can rabbits eat stale bread?

Stale bread is not good for your rabbit’s health. It may cause several rabbit health problems including obesity and stomach problems such as diarrhea. Moreover, bread is not beneficial for your rabbit’s health.

2. What other foods rabbits cannot eat?

Rabbits cannot and should not eat onions, garlic, chocolates, potatoes, biscuits, sugar, spices, rice, avocados and any other man-made food items.

3. Can rabbits be house pets?

Rabbits can be difficult to housetrain but they make great pets. They need general housing, grooming, specific diet and open space to enjoy their wild nature.

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