Black Friday Unlocked 2023! Pet Supplies For Rabbits

Some of this year’s best Black Friday deals for late shoppers. Many companies set the deals that lasts even after the Black Friday is over. Knowing which deals would last longer is the key to shop right.

Here we have shared some discounted deals that you can shop right away to avail the offers before they end. Also, we’ve outlined everything you would need to make the most out of the shopping season.

Top Black Friday Deals On Rabbit Supplies For Pet Owners

BWOGUE Bunny Tunnel Bed (20% Off)


Black Friday Sale For Rabbit Products

About this item:

🐇 The collapsible tunnel can be folded down in seconds for storage and travel, it’s easy to store and save space after folding, so you can easy to carry the pet tunnel when going out.

🐇 The rabbit bed tunnel is the ideal pet bed and rabbit tunnels for indoor rabbits interactive. The cushion and tunnel can be removed for easy washing.

🐇 The bunny tunnel is made of suede fabric to provide scratch-resistant & snooze-worthy comfort. It is supported by a flexible steel wire frame with protective ends this tunnel, don’t worry about scratching and deformation.

🐇 Tunnel length is 46.8”, Tunnel diameter 10”, Mat length 21.4”.


Abizoo Rabbit Treat (20% Off)


Black Friday Sale For Rabbit Products

About this item:

🐇 Abizoo Rabbit chew toys are 100% Handmade without any chemical additives.

🐇 Available in variety of flavored treats and rich in nutrients and plant fiber to bring more taste experience to your pet.

🐇 It can help your pet to improve digestion, increase your pet’s appetite and relieve tension.

🐇 Package includes 6 packs of vacuum individual packaging Timothy flower grass crunchy chips and 6 pcs of Timothy Straw Cakes.


MidWest Homes for Pets (30% Off)

Black Friday Sale For Rabbit Products

About this item:

🐇 Rabbit Cage includes free hay feeder, water bottle, feeding bowl & elevated feeding area.

🐇 Rabbit Cage measures 39.5 L x 23.75 W x 19.75 H inches providing a large living space & maximum comfort for your pet.

🐇 Rabbit Cage features 5.5″ deep base to contain litter & convenient top / full side-door access.

🐇 Rabbit cage (model 158) is compatible with both extensions to create an even larger living space (Wire: 158WEX or wood Rabbit Hutch: 158HEX).


Bissap Wooden Rabbit Hideout Castle (45% Off)

Black Friday Sale For Rabbit Products

About this item:

🐇 The castle is made of safe and harmless poplar plywood. Each connecting corner is polished smooth, safe and durable, which is suitable for pets to stay in.

🐇 Connects 3 houses into a tunnel, and can also assemble 4 independent houses into 2 floors.

🐇 It is equipped with windows, arched doors, stairs and unique patterns.

🐇 It is lightweight and comes with non-slip rubber O-Rings for use on loose buckles.


Rabbit Hay Feeder (24% Off)

Black Friday Sale For Rabbit Products

About this item:

🐇 It is designed with a unique pattern that imitates the shape of fruits and vegetables which can attract the attention of small animals like rabbits.

🐇 There are flowers, fruits, sweet peppers and other shapes on the top of the foraging mat, which can hide rabbit food, while the unique carrot shape can store hay.

🐇 The length and width of this small animal foraging feeder mat is 19.6″*23.6″.

🐇 This foraging mat is made of polar fleece, which is soft and durable, and easy to clean.

🐇 The bottom of the mat is made of non-slip material, even if the rabbits moves on it, it can remain stable on the ground. Can be used indoors or outdoors.



Best Pet Advice reviewed multiple Black Friday deals that would be beneficial to pet owners looking for gifting other pet owners or buying for their own pets. Primary factors we considered during choosing the top deals included discounts, popularity, customer reviews, customer satisfaction, complaints quotient and several other specialized features pertaining to specific products. Our Best Pet Advice experts’ hands-on experience with some of these products also factored into the final evaluation.

As a result, we have compiled the top picks with products details sourced from the authorized sites directly to provide accurate details as shared by the manufacturer or the distributor.

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