How To Keep Your House Clean With Pets During Holiday Season

How To Keep Your House Clean With Pets During Christmas
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During holiday season, every household has guests coming either for a holiday party or a visit to stay. The only thought bugging the house owners is how to get the house cleaned for the holidays and keep it clean through it. With pets in the household, it’s a challenge as you’ll have to keep into account the following factors:

– Pet’s urinating and pooping anywhere

– Pet’s vomiting and leaving hairballs everywhere

– Pet’s leaving muddy paw prints

– Pet’s shedding fur

– Pet’s leaving nose prints on glass or other surfaces

– Pet’s general smell that lingers

Ways To Clean Your House Before Christmas

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– Use vacuum cleaner to remove shed fur from floor, furniture and other surfaces

– Use grooming kit and vacuum suction to clean the pets

– Use air purifier for home pets to replace the pet odor with fresh and clean smell

– Wash the pet beds and furniture like sofa and chairs to wash away the dirt and hair

– Clean glass surfaces using surface cleaner to remove the smears on the windows, countertops, and more

– Clean carpet stains using stain remover to make it look brand new

– Wash the pet’s toys clean using soft detergent to remove dirt and grime

– Empty trash if your bins are full and throw away damaged items like pet toys

– Wash and dry food and water bowls

– Fully wash and rinse treat jars and all food containers

– Use good quality enzymatic urine cleaner to clean pet pee

– Clean the exterior and the interior of the car

– Inspect and clean the chimney

Ways To Keep Your House Clean During Christmas

How To Keep Your House Clean With Pets During Christmas

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– Use a door mat to help clean pet paws before entering home

– Use pet shoes to avoid muddy paw prints in the house

– Bathe your pet clean using pet shampoo after every outdoor activity

– Trim pet hair frequently using a trimmer and brush everyday using a comb

– Vacuum the carpet, sofa, chairs and beds everyday

– Use diffuser or air purifier to keep the house smelling good

– Keep pet-safe wipes handy in every room to clean instantly

– Use pet-friendly deodorizer sprays to help keep pets smelling nice

– Use washable beds and blankets for your pet and place it in easily cleanable spot

– Use easily-accessible boxes to store all toys

– Make use of water fountain to avoid water spills

Which Cleaning Agents Are Toxic To Pets?

Cleaning products that should be avoided since they are harmful to your pet, according to the veterinary experts are:

❌ Ammonia (This ingredient is found in oven, window and surface cleaners)

❌ Glycol ethers (This ingredient is found in many household cleaners)

❌ Bleach (This ingredient is found in surface sprays and toilet cleaners)

❌ Hydrogen peroxide (This ingredient is found in surface sprays and disinfectants)

❌ Formaldehyde (This ingredient is found in some household cleaners and hand soaps)

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